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Zinn Rocca and Tyrant lightweight full suspension mountain bikes

Our lightweight Zinn Cross Country bikes are designed for fast cross country riding and racing. Three inches of travel (with a pedal platform) takes the edge off bumps and makes these bikes light and more efficient for racers and serious, fast riders.

The Rocca gives a smooth, efficient ride and comes in XS, S, M, and L sizes. Our formed aluminum monocoque down tubes can be adjusted for volume to provide greater stiffness and strength for bigger riders. The Tyrant is our titanium version that is built with custom geometry. It is also available with S&S couplers. The Megabike is the oversized, 29-inch wheel XXL and XXXL-sized version of the XC model. This is a fast, strong, light, long-lasting, nimble bike for a tall rider between 6’4” and 6’9” tall.

Need a big bike with even more travel? Our Gigabike all mountain model in XXL and XXXL size comes with five inches of travel with a low, 2-to-1 leverage ratio, so the shock can operate smoothly at lower pressure for riders over 250 pounds. It is made to fit 29” wheels and has a bottom bracket high enough for 210mm Zinn custom cranks (http://www.zinncycles.com/cranks.aspx)!

Full-Suspension Frames

Ø Designed, built, heat treated, painted and powder-coated in Colorado

Ø Extra Small (XS-13”) to Large-21”) Sizes

Ø Will fit riders 5’0” to 6’1” tall

Ø Seat tube length is measured center-to-top

Ø 26” wheel size

Ø lightweight cross-country racing frame with 3” travel. XC has 26-inch wheels and comes in smaller sizes; The Megabike has 29-inch wheels and only comes in the biggest sizes.

Ø Frame includes rear shock (usually Fox Float RP23 ProPedal).

Ø * On XC and Megabike specs, the first listed head and seat angles are with a 100mm-travel fork, while the second (steeper) head and seat angles are with an 80mm-travel fork.

Ø ** Bottom bracket heights are measured with a 100mm fork installed; they will be about 8-9mm lower with an 80mm fork, depending on frame size.

Ø *** Top tube is measured horizontally (the effective top tube length), even though the top tube is both sloping and curved. (The actual center-to-center length of an upward-sloping top tube is less than its effective horizontal top tube length.)

Ø Leverage ratio is 2 to 1

Ø Vertical rear wheel path

Ø Sculpted Zinn monocoque down tube provides unprecedented head tube support.

If you are a tall rider, we specialize in building bikes for you.

To see a variety of frames built with components, please see our bike gallery. Custom Frames

The replaceable dropouts are tough and stiff as well as lightweight.

Normally, we supply the bike with a Fox RP23 shock with a three-position ProPedal adjustment. Alternatively, at DT Swiss shock has no pedal platform, but can be set up with an easy-to-flip lockout lever.

At Zinn Cycles, we will always give you an estimate of when your custom bike or cranks will be delivered. While we do our best to give an accurate ETA, it is still only an estimate. Custom bikes can take a long time to produce. There are a lot of factors that affect the building and delivery process of custom made products. We will do everything we can to deliver within our ETA, but it is not always possible. We strive to design and build the best quality custom cycling products for our customers, and we will do so even if it takes a really long time. I am certain that you will be happy with our products and it will be worth the wait.

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