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Classic Custom Series

Zinn Cycles has been building great bikes for almost 30 years. Lennard Zinn is known throughout the world as being one of the greatest frame designers around. People everywhere come to Zinn Cycles, because they are 100% confident that we will make them a bike that truly fits and is enjoyable to ride. The Classic Custom series is our selection of beautiful custom bikes made for riders of all shapes and sizes. We can make high performing racing bikes as well as super comfortable touring bikes. Lennard can help design a comfortable bike for cyclists with back and joint problems, as well as complicated fit issues. We can also accommodate riders with leg length discrepancies and range-of-motion issues. We can work closely with Andy Pruitt at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to make anyone benefit from the joys of cycling.


Road Bikes
Mountain Bikes
Road Racing Bikes
Bernina – Titanium
Merano – Steel


Zia Aero – Titanium
Zia Aero – Steel

Travel Bikes


Full suspension
Tyrant – Titanium

Rocca – XC race

Tyrant World – Travel Bike

Singlespeed/Rohloff Hub bikes

Moritz – Titanium

Pietra – Steel

Travel Bikes

Singlespeed/Rohloff Hub bikes

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