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Let’s Get Started!

Payment Calculator: click “I accept” and then enter the amount you wish to finance. You can finance all or part of your new bike.

We offer two easy financing options:

  1.  0% APR “same as cash” for 6 months – select option “Special 0% APR Financing” below. $800 minimum. * APR stands for annual percentage rate.
  2.  14.99% APR for up to 60 months – select “Low Fixed-Rate Financing” below and then pick the desired duration. $800 minimum. * APR stands for annual percentage rate.
  3. ***A deposit will be required for any custom bike (stock bikes excluded). The down payment can be refunded when the bike is ready to ship so that you can finance the entire cost of the bike, or you can simply finance the balance due.
  4. Used, Discounted, and clearance bikes or products do not qualify for financing.

If you have any trouble or questions with the application or financing process, please call us at 303.499.4349 or email sales@zinncycles.com.

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