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  • Lightweight
  • Fast….you heard me!
  • Superior ride quality
  • More durable than carbon and aluminum
  • Disc brake ready
  • Custom crank ready
  • easy to carry
  • Singlespeed option
  • 2nd Frame is half price

Magnesium is the perfect material for a cyclocross bike, and with some of the extra innovative touches we put on the frames, Zinn custom magnesium ’cross bikes not only fit and perform beyond your expectations, but they are also the most versatile cyclocross bikes on the market.

Magnesium is only 2/3 the density of aluminum, and it damps around 20 times as much vibration. The high damping properties and low density of magnesium mean that it can surpass any other metal in ride quality, which is critical in the bumpy world of cyclocross. This vibration damping also improves fatigue life, and the continuous pounding cyclocross bikes are subject to means that resistance to fatigue is crucial if you want your bike to last. Where an aluminum cyclocross bike will rattle its rider’s teeth out and fail relatively quickly, a magnesium cyclocross bike will provide a smooth, fast, efficient ride that lasts. Lab tests confirm that, even if it is impacted beyond its limits, like in a hard crash, magnesium has a graceful failure mode of slow plastic deformation, as opposed to the sudden catastrophic failure often seen with carbon fiber frames.

Another benefit of magnesium’s low density is that we can build Zinn cyclocross frames with extremely large tubes, yet the frame still is featherweight. In ’cross, it is very nice to have a large, round top tube to sit atop your right shoulder, and a tall, flat down tube to sit against your right side when carrying the bike, and that is what you get with a Zinn custom MagCross! Also check out the Cross Dresser upgrade that enables your bike to convert from geared to singlespeed in minutes. >>click here

Lennard Zinn has been designing and building bicycle frames for 30 years, has a long history of racing cyclocross (as well as road and mountain bikes) and writes books about how to maintain road, cyclocross, mountain, and triathlon bikes. He puts all of that expertise to use in designing your frame to give you the ultimate performance. Click here to check out Lennard’s books


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