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29 inch wheels v. 26 inch wheelsZinn Cycles bike specszinn bike materialszinn bicycle fitzinn frame pricesorder a bike onlineTweet with Zinn Cyclescheck out our photo gallery on flickrfollow zinn cycles: Facebook The Zinn B.I.G. 29er is a revelation in the world of full suspension mountain bikes for tall riders. Back in 2003, this Zinn bike was the world’s first 5-inch-travel 29er, and we have continued to improve it ever since. Now the Gigabike can be setup with either 5″ of travel or 6 inches of travel. When you go about designing the perfect big and tall bike for all-mountain riders, several things are important. First, the bike must fit well with the handlebars high enough for you to be comfortable. It also makes sense that a big bike should have big wheels. The 29 inch wheels of the Gigabike help to get the bars up higher, and when combined with our long beefy headtube, we can get the bars up enough to fit a 6’10” guy comfortably on our XXXL size. The super beefy tapered headtube makes this one of the stiffest frames in the world, and you will find it to be very controllable in the most technical terrain.One of the most important aspects of bike fit is the crank length. It doesn’t make sense for a 6’10” basketball player to be riding on the same length cranks as Lance Armstrong. The Gigabike is designed to accommodate up to 210mm cranks. Click here for more info on Zinn Custom Cranks
Then the bike needs to be strong enough to handle the steepest technical trail rides and stiff enough to hold steady under a very large person. We press-form our massive down tube to provide the stiffness and strength to take the abuse a 275-pounder can dish out all over the mountain.  Our giant cartridge bearings surrounding the bottom bracket shell keep the swingarm pivoting smoothly for a lifetime, aided by a Zerk grease fitting for easy maintenance. The Zinn Gigabike also features a foldable rear triangle, which allows this big mountain bike to fit into a bicycle case for traveling.  The Megabike comes set up for a 10x135mm rear axle and a tapered head tube for added stiffness and tracking control. A standard quick release skewer can also be used, and we always recommend the 10x135mm axle. Available in XXL-PLUS(24”) and XXXL(26”) sizes.

Zinn Cycles and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine team up to offer you the world’s best bike fit. Lennard Zinn has been making great-fitting and performing custom bicycles for over 30 years (since 1981). Dr. Andy Pruitt is renowned as the world’s best bike fitter, and has been fitting professional athletes on their bikes for years. Together they form a partnership unequaled in the bicycle business to provide you with the very best fit and comfort available on a bicycle – and on a Zinn bicycle that performs like no other. You will never regret having allowed Andy Pruitt and his team at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to work their magic with you and your Zinn bike, and it only adds $700 to the price of the bike. You’ll discover the comfort and efficiency that until now only was only available to top professional cyclists. Click here for more information on the Ultimate Bicycle Fit with Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and Lennard Zinn.


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