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Project Big Series – Bikes for Big and Tall men and women

Zinn Cycles has been building great bikes for big and tall cyclists for almost 30 years. At 6’6″, Lennard Zinn knows what it takes to design the best bikes for tall riders. Many framebuilders and bike manufacturers have built  tall bikes, but they don’t realize the key ingredients to a great tall bike. When other builders scale up standard frame geometry to fit a taller rider, the elongated tubes loose their strength and rigity and thus fatigue much faster. Tall bikes from other designers tend to shimmy at high speeds, which is very scary and can cause serious crashes. Check out this article from our quarterly newsletter about frame shimmy in tall bikes. Lennard’s unique compact frame design has been tested on the biggest and tallest riders and provides a strong, stiff, and beautifully riding bicycle that will last a lifetime. We love building tall bikes and we have built amazing custom bicycles for men up to 7’2″. No matter how big or tall you are, we will build you a great bike that fits, performs, and doesn’t shimmy.


Road  Bikes
Dolomite – Titanium  The Zinn Magster – Magnesium Full suspension
Gigabike – AM 29er

Megabike – XC 29er

Terra 29er – Ti FS 29er

Terra World – Travel Bike
Singlespeed/Rohloff Hub bikes

Big Sur – St

Big Sur World – travel

Titan 29er – Ti

Titan World – travel
Travel Bikes

Singlespeed/Rohloff Hub bikes

Fassa – Magnesium  Sequoia – Titanium
Stelvio – Steel  Hermosa – Steel
Big Apple – NEW!  Travel Bikes
Travel Bikes
Triathlon/TT/Track Touring/Commuter Bikes
Zia Aero – Titanium Big Apple – NEW!
Zia Aero – Steel Custom Touring and Commuter
Track Bikes Singlespeed/Rohloff Hub bikes

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