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Wheels for Big and Tall Riders

When your average customer is 6’7” and 250 lbs, you know what wheels work and what ones don’t. We offer a lineup of custom built road and mountain wheels that will take a beating. Choose from 700c, 29”, and 650b. We use strong rims, 36 spokes, and quality hubs to make some bomber wheels.

We have built custom wheels for many big riders, and we have also talked to people who have been riding factory built wheels. The overwhelming consesus is that people over 200 pounds break factory built wheels. period. If you are over 200 lbs, you will be psyched to get yourself on a set of beautifully laced bomber wheels. Not only will a custom wheelset last longer for you, it will also be stiffer and perform better than any factory built wheel out there. We have had zero problems with wheels we have built for our customers, which says a lot. Check out this Velonews article from July of 2005 that compares two wheel sizes.

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