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By submitting this form, you are signing up for our used bike waiting list. We will send out an automatic email to the entire list when a used bike becomes available. When used bikes become available, we will also look at the information you have submitted and let you know directly if a bike comes in that is a good fit for you. If a bike becomes available that you are interested in, you can email us for confirmation of the fit. We will look at your measurements and determine if the bike will fit or not. If the bike is a good fit, you will be able to order the bike online through bigandtallbike.com, our online store. If you are a Colorado resident, you will be required to pay sales tax. If you are not in Colorado, we are happy to ship the bike anywhere in the world. For international shipping rates, please email us with your address and phone number, and we will quote shipping charges for you. Email: sales@zinncycles.com

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