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The Fassa is our fully custom magnesium road bike designed specifically to meet the needs of the big & tall rider. We use extra beefy ovalized tubes and Lennard Zinn’s unique compact frame design to provide a custom bike that will perform and hold up for even the biggest guys. This Zinn magnesium bike is also designed for custom cranks to make it the best fitting and performing bike for tall cyclists.

When you buy a Zinn custom bicycle, you expect that legendary Zinn performance combining stability and nimbleness with a perfect custom fit. What will surprise you about our magnesium bikes is their incredibly smooth, forgiving, comfortable ride, even on rough asphalt or dirt roads. Yet the torsional and lateral stiffness and low weight of our oversized and elegantly-shaped tubes means that the bike leaps forward with your every pedal stroke.

Magnesium is 2/3 the weight per unit volume of aluminum, less than half that of titanium and under a quarter that of steel. The AZ61 (Mg-6Al-1Zn) magnesium alloy we use combines low density with high strength and superb vibration-damping characteristics. That means, when mated with one of our full-carbon forks, you get a comfortable, responsive, and long-lasting custom road bike. There is no better option for a tall cyclist who wants a fast, lightweight bike that really fits. We have tested carbon fiber and aluminum bikes under some very big guys and magnesium has proven to be a much more durable and better performing material for a big and tall bike. Check our materials page to compare a magnesium bicycle with other materials.

Zinn Cycles and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine team up to offer you the world’s best bike fit. Lennard Zinn has been making great-fitting and performing custom bicycles for over 30 years (since 1981). Dr. Andy Pruitt is renowned as the world’s best bike fitter, and has been fitting professional athletes on their bikes for years. Together they form a partnership unequaled in the bicycle business to provide you with the very best fit and comfort available on a bicycle – and on a Zinn bicycle that performs like no other. You will never regret having allowed Andy Pruitt and his team at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to work their magic with you and your Zinn bike, and it only adds $700 to the price of the bike. You’ll discover the comfort and efficiency that until now only was only available to top professional cyclists. Click here for more information on the Ultimate Bicycle Fit with Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and Lennard Zinn.


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