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Zinn Custom Titanium Bikes

Looking for a great custom bike made from Titanium? Zinn Cycles can meet your needs. We make custom Ti bikes for the Big and Tall Rider and for everyone else. This includes our hardtail mountain, cyclocross, road, Zia time trial and even the front triangles of our full suspension bikes.

Titanium is truly a miracle metal. It has low density and high tensile strength as well as great elongation, vibration damping and it is impervious to corrosion. This makes it a bike that is light, strong, snappy, responsive, and comfortable to ride. It is able to withstand occasional crashes and spring back to its original shape, and it will not corrode even if left for months under Katrina floodwaters in New Orleans. We have been building titanium bikes for 7-footers as well as for 5-footers since 1990, and we have yet to have one break, no matter how big the rider or where they live and ride.

Our titanium welding is second to none, our tube fit-up is spot-on, and the design and tube selection specifically for you by Lennard Zinn will give you the fit, comfort and handling you desire. This is a bike that will truly last you forever, always giving you the ride of your life, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

At Zinn Cycles, we will always give you an estimate of when your custom bike or cranks will be delivered. While we do our best to give an accurate ETA, it is still only an estimate. Custom bikes can take a long time to produce. There are a lot of factors that affect the building and delivery process of custom made products. We will do everything we can to deliver within our ETA, but it is not always possible. We strive to design and build the best quality custom cycling products for our customers, and we will do so even if it takes a really long time. We are certain that you will be happy with our products and it will be worth the wait.

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