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Zinn Custom Hardtail Mountain Bikes
There’s nothing better than getting out on the trail with a bike that has been fitted for both you and your riding style. Zinn custom mountain bikes are designed to make you feel comfortable on the roughest of trails and help you feel confident in those “scary spots” on your favorite ride.

No matter how tall or small you are or how you are proportioned, we can make you a Zinn custom hardtail mountain bike to fit you perfectly. If you want a full suspension bike that fits you no matter how tall you are, we can do that, too. Click here for more information on our full suspension bikes.

The bike photographed on the Big Sur page was built for a 7 foot tall basketball player. Lennard’s Project Big frame design keeps the bike looking proportional. Especially with the 29 inch wheels. The larger wheel size is an incredible advantage for riders taller than 6’6″, as it allows the bars to be high enough, since the limiting factor for big riders determined by suspension-fork manufacturers is the steering-tube length. Suspension forks for 29″ wheels have the same steering-tube length as 26″ models, but their longer leg length combined with the larger wheel radius brings the head tube, and consequently the handlebars, up several inches higher. The 29″ wheels also roll over obstacles incredible well and are more in proportion with such big frames.

The long crankarms (we offer from 181mm to 220mm) assist a tall rider in maintaining power and smooth pedaling on steep, technical terrain as well as using their leverage advantage on long, steady climbs. The long cranks also help in smoothly powering through rutted, rocky sections, which, along with the extra gyroscopic stability and ability to roll over large obstacles of the 29″ wheels enhances balance and leaves those bouncing around on 26″ wheels in the dust! Another advantage of the long cranks is chainring clearance over obstacles. This frame’s bottom bracket is 35mm higher than if it were built for 175mm cranks. Thus, the bike maintains the same height and clearance of the pedal above the ground, which also ensures that the rider’s center of gravity is no higher with the longer cranks. However, the chainrings are 35mm higher, so you will probably never manage to smash them on rocks and logs! Note that seat tube length and top tube slope on our mountain bikes varies for standover clearance depending on the fork length.

As with all our frames, we won’t let your bicycle out the door until it meets not only our high quality standards, but yours as well.

If you are a tall rider, we specialize in building bikes for you.

Big Sur 29er steel custom mountain bike for tall

Big Sur custom hardtail mountain bike built for a 7 foot tall basketball player.

titan 29er zinn titanium mountain bike for tall

This bike is set up with a Rohloff Internally geared hub. all hardtails can be set up this way for great performance and less maintenance.

To see a variety of frames built with components, please see our bike gallery. You can also see available colors for Zinn Cycles Custom Frames.If you don’t see a color you like, you can choose a color from our special order color chart for an extra $150.

At Zinn Cycles, we will always give you an estimate of when your custom bike or cranks will be delivered. While we do our best to give an accurate ETA, it is still only an estimate. Custom bikes can take a long time to produce. There are a lot of factors that affect the building and delivery process of custom made products. We will do everything we can to deliver within our ETA, but it is not always possible. We strive to design and build the best quality custom cycling products for our customers, and we will do so even if it takes a really long time. I am certain that you will be happy with our products and it will be worth the wait.

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