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The Titan World is the same as the Titan, but with the added versatility of S&S couplers. This lightweight 29er can be packed into an airline regulation case and carried anywhere in the world. You’ll never have to rent a bike that doesn’t fit again. The 29” wheels are fast rolling and offer superb traction in loose terrain, and the custom cranks make the fit and performance incomparable for the big & tall rider. If you are looking for a fast and maneuverable mountain bike that you can travel with, the Titan World is the bike for you.

Titanium needs no introduction. As a bike frame material, it is legendary in its durability, liveliness, and ability to smooth the jolts of riding on rough terrain. A titanium bike is impervious to corrosion – elegant in its stark, unpainted simplicity. Lennard Zinn has over 15 years of experience designing custom titanium bikes, so you can be certain that yours will fit perfectly and last a lifetime.

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