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Travel Bikes

Custom travel bikes with S&S Couplers

Zinn Cycles makes exquisite custom travel bikes with S&S couplers. When you ride a Zinn bike, you get a perfect fit combined with unmatched performance. So, when you’re traveling, why settle for a rental bike that doesn’t even come close to your own Zinn? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your bike with you without the hassle of huge bike cases and extra airline charges? Zinn World travel bikes outfitted with S&S couplers can be packed and unpacked in under 20 minutes into an airline-regulation suitcase**. Any steel or titanium Zinn bike can be built as a take apart bike, and we can also retrofit S&S couplers into existing frames. S and S couplers do not take away any strength or performance from your Zinn bike and add a minor amount of weight. The Zinn/KGS travel stem and other Zinn features like multiple couplers on the top tube and down tube of tall bikes, and slotted guides and stops with in-line adjusters speed and simplify disassembly, packing, and reassembly and make ours the first fully-engineered travel bikes available. Browse the bikes below to see which Zinn bike can be built into a travel bike.

**Some bikes may need additional bags or cases to carry certain parts such as racks, fenders, tires, etc. This depends on each specific bike. Touring bikes, 29er mountain bikes, and e-bikes are the most likely to need additional cases. 

Bike fitting

Bike fitting included with every Zinn bike frame

No matter where you live in the world, we will work with you to make sure the fit of your Zinn bike is absolutely perfect. We offer a full service in-house bike fitting for those who can make it to Boulder, Colorado and we also have detailed measurements instructions for those who cannot make it out for an in-house fitting. We are also happy to work directly with a bike fitter in your area, and we offer upgraded 3D bike fittings with Dr. Andy Pruitt at the Boulder RETUL Center.

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