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About us

For more than a quarter of a century, we at Zinn Cycles have been working to make cycling more enjoyable for our customers, and that commitment remains at the heart of everything we do. We express it by building custom bicycles that fit great, perform well, and are thoroughly thought-out for their owners’ needs. And it does not stop with the frames; our cranks and our forks are specifically designed for our customers, and the components we select and how we set them up are tailored for them as well. Lennard Zinn also created his books and maintenance DVDs out of that same commitment to empower the reader or watcher to be more comfortable with their bike, which then attracts us to ride more. We each can only do so much to save the world; fortunately cycling is something we all share that is good for the earth as well as for us both in the moment and in the long term.

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Testimonials from past customers

“Lennard:Thanks for the awesome work on my bike!   It of course looks terrific, but getting on it was what impressed me most.  It immediately felt different, and better.  The pedal stroke is incredibly smooth.  I swapped it out for my other tri bike on my computrainer and did the same ride I had done last night.  I was putting out about 30 watts more power at a lower HR than the ride the night before and that translated to a faster, but easier ride.”


“Gentlemen,Yesterday was the first ride on the Sequoia that you built up for me.  I’ve been dreaming about this bike for more than five years and it has lived up to the expectations!  Its first ride was just what I had envisioned for it.  On pavement it was smooth and fast.  On the gravel logging road outside of town it climbed beautifully.  Cornering on the descents was solid.  This is the first time I’ve ridden a bike that felt so stable in the turns.  Even riding no hands was a breeze.  Thanks for a great ride!Best regards,”


“I am really pleased with the handling and ride of the travel bike after doing 80Km with my normal group ride yesterday.  After having read several of you articles about head angle and designing for a big rider your bikes are as advertised.  The rear end is very stable on the climbs and tracking on descents is confidence inspiring.  The 205mm crank were a real topic of discussion on the ride.  I felt like on the long steady climbs they gave me an extra gear or two before I felt my heart rate go into the red.   For the first time on a routine route I never dropped down into the bail out small chain ring.”


“Hi all,I wanted to follow back up to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying my BIG bike.We flagged the UPS truck down last Thursday early afternoon.  My son and I had it assembled in a couple of hours.  I really appreciated how completely prepared the disassembled bike was—just the right number of spacers for the headset for example, cables already set up.We then went for our first spin—delightful.”