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Extra Long Cranks Got long legs and can’t seem to use all your power with standard 180mm (or shorter) crank arms? Order a set of Zinn custom extra long cranks and get that extra power you’re looking for. It only makes sense that your cranks should be proportional to your legs, not a length designed for somebody a lot shorter than you! Our extra-long cranks are available with a maximum length of 220mm and are specifically beefed up for bigger riders. You won’t believe the difference they make!
Extra Short Cranks Or, got short legs and have trouble getting your legs around with your standard 165mm or 170mm crank arms? Order a set of Zinn custom extra short cranks and get that extra comfort, efficiency and smooth spin you’re looking for. It only makes sense that your cranks should be proportional to your legs, not a length designed for somebody a lot taller than you! Our extra-short cranks are available with a minimum length of 130mm. You won’t believe the difference they make! 
Proportional Crank Length No other conclusion makes sense to me. Muscles and joints work most effectively when operating in a certain range of motion. Short riders should not be required to force their muscles through a greater range of motion than the person with an 80cm inseam riding a 172.5mm crank. And on the other end, 7-foot basketball players do not bend their legs any less when they jump than shorter players. So why should they use minimal knee bend and operate their muscles only through a tiny part of their range when they ride a bike?Your legs turning the cranks is what propels you along on your bike, it’s your motor. Proper crank length is crucial to achieve maximum efficiency in your “motor”. Therefore, crank length is one of the most important aspects of bike fit. It’s not enough to just scale the frame geometry to fit a rider. Crank length must also be adjusted, and Zinn Cycles is one of the only manufacturers in the world that makes cranks outside of the standard 170 – 180mm range.
What length? Here is an interesting report and study on crank length: http://bicyclecranklength.blogspot.com/. Your ideal crank length is in the range of 21% – 21.6% of your leg length. Start by measuring your inseam with your feet 2″ apart. Be sure to measure all the way to the pubic bone. Convert your inseam measurement to millimeters and multiply by .216 and also by .21. This will give you a range of crank length that is appropriate for you.Once you begin riding your custom cranks, your legs will be pedaling at a more natural range of motion. This allows you to use your leg muscles to their full potential. After a short adjustment period, the new crank length will begin to feel more natural. The vast majority of our customers have reported increased power, easier and faster climbing, decreased times on local rides, less fatigue, less joint pain, and overall performance increases when they went to the proportional length crank.
Road and Cross Bike Cranks

Check out our newest cranks, the ZIS-3 integrated spindle road bike cranks. With our latest advancements in materials, finish and design, the ZIS-3 is our strongest and most durable crank ever. ZIS-3 cranks are currently available in 110bcd in all sizes, and the ZIS-2 cranks are available in 130bcd.

MTB Cranks The new ZIS-Pro Mountain Bike cranks are here and they are awesome. In order to build a crank that works for all of the different gearing and bottom bracket options, we have designed these long mountain bike cranks using the SRAM removable spider technology. With this set up, you can choose between 1×11, 2×11, 3×11, 2×10, 3×10 or any other chainring configuration you might want. You can even use direct mount spiders and BOOST spacing for these cranks. And since we are using the SRAM GXP bottom bracket system, these cranks will work on any production mountain bike in the world, and we sell the bottom brackets on our webstore to make it work for your bike. If the size you are looking for is not available, we are making more!
Crank Trade In Program: If you have a Zinn integrated-spindle (“Zinn-tegrated”) road cranks with a shiny black finish (ZIS-1), Zinn-tegrated road cranks with an un-anodized silver (base aluminum) finish (ZIS-0), or one of our square-taper cranks (polished silver finish with a crank bolt holding each arm on), they have by now given you many years of good service. Even though they are long past
the one-year warranty, we are offering discounts to trade them in for our new, stronger, longer-lasting ZIS-2 or ZIS-3 integrated-spindle road cranks, which are distinguishable from previous models by their finish and thicker ends. Click here to request instructions for trading in your crank
Zinn Cycles and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine team up to offer you the world’s best bike fit. Lennard Zinn has been making great-fitting and performing custom bicycles for over 30 years (since 1981). Dr. Andy Pruitt is renowned as the world’s best bike fitter, and has been fitting professional athletes on their bikes for years. Together they form a partnership unequaled in the bicycle business to provide you with the very best fit and comfort available on a bicycle – and on a Zinn bicycle that performs like no other. You will never regret having allowed Andy Pruitt and his team at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to work their magic with you and your Zinn bike, and it only adds $700 to the price of the bike. You’ll discover the comfort and efficiency that until now only was only available to top professional cyclists. Click here for more information on the Ultimate Bicycle Fit with Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and Lennard Zinn.

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