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Zinntegrated Crank Installation instructions
Installation of a Zinntegrated (ZIS) crankset on a bicycle with a standard bottom bracket shell
Zinn-tegrated cranks utilize the same external bearings as SRAM and TruVativ GXP cranks and are installed in the same way.
CLICK HERE for instructions on replacing the crank bolt assembly.
Installation in a threaded frame:
1. There will be a plastic sleeve attached to one cup to keep contamination from falling onto the spindle inside of the frame. Leave this sleeve on when installing the cup.
2. After greasing their threads and starting them by hand first, tighten the right (drive-side) cup counterclockwise (except with an Italian-threaded bottom bracket) and the left cup clockwise by using a splined external bottom bracket wrench. Torque is high – use 400-450 inch-pounds (33-37 foot-pounds, or 45-50 N·m), so push on the wrench hard if you don’t have a torque wrench.
*IMPORTANT: Do not install spacers between your frame and bottom bracket cups except in the case of a mountain-bike crank on a frame with a 68mm-wide bottom bracket shell. Road bikes with 68mm bb shells and mountain bikes with 73mm bottom bracket shells should not have spacers; you will damage the bearings if you install spacers!
3. Grease the splined end and bearing-contact areas of the spindle. From the right side, push the spindle through the cups as far as you can (the spindle splines will protrude from the left bearing).
4. Grease inside the spindle threads and slip the left crank on the splines, ensuring that it is at 180 degrees from the right arm. If the crank bolt is not already installed in the crank, install it in this order: washer, bolt, threaded collar. Tighten the threaded collar into the crank threads with a 10mm hex key.
5. Tighten the crank bolt with an 8mm hex key – torque is high: 375-425 inch-pounds (31-35 foot-pounds, or 42-48 N·m). You’re done!
6. Recheck the torque after one ride, as the crank may settle in so that the bolt would need retightening. Periodically check the torque from then on.*IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING MOUNTING 46-, 48-, AND 50-TOOTH OUTER CHAINRING ON ZINN COMPACT CRANKS:There is considerable variation in the length of the chain-drop pin on different chainrings (the pin sits behind the crankarm to prevent the chain from falling down in there). Check to make sure that the pin does not contact the crankarm before the chainring sits flat on all of the spider-arm tabs. If tightening the bolts would flex the chainring and cause it to wobble, shorten the pin with a file.
Installation of Zinn-tegrated (or SRAM/TruVativ GXP) cranks on a Trek Madone (BB90):
You need to have a Trek bottom bracket kit for GXP (SRAM/TruVativ) cranks. It comes with two 37mm OD bearings, one with a 24mm ID and one with a 22mm ID with a lip that is to be pointing inward when the bearing is installed, a left-side metal bearing shield, a right-side bearing seal, and a wavy washer or two for the right side.
1. Clean out the ends of the bottom bracket shell, and apply a thin layer of grease in the bearing seats.
2. Apply a thin layer of grease on the outsides of your 37mm OD X 24mm ID bearings in your Trek-supplied GXP bearing kit.
3. Press in the bearings. No tools are required; push the bearings in by hand, making sure that the one with the smaller bore (22mm, rather than 24mm) you put in the left side with the inner bearing ring’s lip facing inward. Place the flat, rubbery bearing seal against the right bearing, and slip the wavy washer onto the crankarm.
4. Install the crankarms. Push in the (greased) spindle from the drive side, place the metal bearing cover over the spindle and left bearing, and engage the left arm on the (greased) spindle splines, and tighten the crank bolt to 50-57 N-m with an 8mm hex key. With a triple crank (TruVativ or Zinn-tegrated), you need to add a 5mm-thick spacer on the spindle on the drive side, between the wavy washer and the cover seal.
Installing Zinn square taper custom cranks

1. Grease and install bottom bracket by threading cups into the Bottom bracket shell of the frame. do not grease the ends of the spindle. If grease gets in the square interface, the crank arms will loosen up and get damaged.

2. place each crank arm on the end of the spindle and thread cranks bolts on.

3. tighten the crank bolts to 450 inch pounds.

4. Check the torque after your first few rides, and continue to check it every 1000 miles or so.

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