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Standard Bike fitting included with every Zinn bike frame
All Zinn bikes include a standard fitting with Lennard Zinn, and you may also take your own measurements using these instructions. Zinn Cycles is committed to provide athletes of all sizes with the opportunity to truly achieve the perfect fit on their bicycles. Cycling equipment availability is limited for many people, those who are short, tall, or don’t have average proportions. Many people are also plagued with joint or back issues, and riding a bike that is designed to work optimally for your body is one of the best things you can do to reduce or prevent knee, neck, back, and other pain or discomfort. Cycling is an incredible form of exercise that is easy on the body if using a proper fitting bicycle. We want to be sure that everyone can comfortably ride a bike for fun, exercise, or competition. Zinn Cycles offers the widest size range of cycling components and bicycle frames in the world, so you can be sure that every part of your bike will be proportional to you, no matter what your proportions.

Fitting option 1: Do it yourself – most common – no charge

Lennard Zinn has made it easy for anyone to follow our instructions and take their own measurements. This is sufficient for getting a frame designed by Zinn Cycles. Lennard will examine your measurements, when submitted, and he can design the frame based on those measurements. It is important to have another person help you with the measurements for the best accuracy. It is also a good idea to take the measurements at least three times each. Lennard also has a keen eye for errors, so if you mess up, he’ll pick up on it. Click here to go to the measurements instructions.

Fitting option 2: Elite bicycle fitting with Lennard Zinn – included with frame

All customers interested in a Zinn Bike or custom cranks are welcome to come to Zinn Cycles and get fitted by Lennard in person. If you are just looking to be fitted on your own bike, we charge $200 for that service. We have demo bikes to test ride as well in a fairly wide range of sizes. We also have adjustable sizing cranks that we can install on your own bike to help you figure out what size cranks work best for you. While you are here, Lennard will take all of your body measurements needed to design your bike, and discuss all material and component options. Click here to schedule a bicycle fitting with Lennard Zinn.

Lennard Zinn’s Bicycle Fit Calculator

The bicycle fit calculator is great for those looking to determine their ideal bicycle frame geometry. Click here to go to the bike fit calculator.

3D Bicycle fitting with Andy Pruitt – upgrade

You can upgrade to a full 3d fitting at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. Lennard Zinn, like many bike fitters, is very good at optimizing a rider’s position in the x-y plane (i.e., from the side, including saddle height and fore-aft, crank length, and handlebar reach and drop). However, dialing in the rider’s third dimension, the z-plane, is the area that Andy Pruitt pioneered and continues to be the world leader in. The tracking of the knee, stance width, and the supination/ pronation of the foot on the pedal are critical to power output and injury prevention, and nobody does this better. Click here to read more about Boulder Center for Sports Medicine’s 3D bicycle fitting system.

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