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bicycles for tall guys

bicycles for tall guys

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Bicycles for tall guys – Professional bike fitting

Bicycles for tall guys are hard to find. Cycling is one of the best forms of cross training for basketball players because it is an exceptional workout and it is easy on the body and joints. Tall athletes often have knee and other joint issues, and running only aggravates those issues. Cycling for cross training will help professional basketball players to keep their bodies in top shape for a long career and prevent knee and joint issues in the future. It is typically very difficult to find a bike that will work for a pro ball player. Most production bikes are only made for people up to 6’2″, and most basketball players are over 6’6″. Many are over 7 feet tall. Zinn Cycles is the only company in the world that specializes in building bicycles for tall guys, and we have made many bikes for pro ball players from all over the world. For road bikes, mountain bikes, and travel bikes, Zinn Cycles sets the standard for tall athletes. Zinn Cycles has teamed up with CU Sports Medicine to provide basketball players with the opportunity to truly achieve the perfect fit on their bicycles. Many athletes are plagued with joint or back issues while cycling, and getting a bike that is designed to work optimally for your body is one of the best things you can do to reduce or prevent knee, neck, back, and other pain or discomfort.

CU Sports Medicine

During Andy Pruitt’s ten-plus years as a certified athletic trainer at the University of Colorado, he had a dream of developing a sports medicine center equal to any university or Olympics training facility in the country. But Andy wanted to make this center available to all athletes, of any age and skill, and not just limited to elite athletes. This dream was fostered by two terms as a US Olympic Committee volunteer trainer and two trips to the Olympic Sports Festival.By combining his experience as a competitive cyclist and his knowledge of biomechanics at Western Orthopedics in Denver, Andy has become a nationally recognized leader in computerized cycling gait analysis. This technique uses three-dimensional computer technology to analyze and record cycling gait.Lennard Zinn, like many bike fitters, is very good at optimizing a rider’s position in the x-y plane (i.e., from the side, including saddle height and fore-aft, crank length, and handlebar reach and drop). However, dialing in the rider’s third dimension, the z-plane, is the area that Andy Pruitt pioneered and continues to be the world leader in. The tracking of the knee, stance width, and the supination/ pronation of the foot on the pedal are critical to power output and injury prevention, and nobody does this better. The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine 3D bike fit includes digitizing the motion of the hips, legs, and feet during pedaling using the Infrared 3D Vicon Motus motion analysis system. The resulting three-dimensional hip, knee, and foot tracings on the computer screen allow visualization of initial versus optimized pedaling dynamics.

What we offer

We understand how busy it can be as a pro athlete, so we are here to accommodate you at any level that you need. We will handle all the details of the fitting and bike building process. Our staff will schedule all of your fitting appointments for you based on your requested dates. When you come to Boulder, we can arrange appropriate transportation to get you from the airport to Boulder Center for Sports Medicine for your 3D fitting appointment. Lennard Zinn, the owner and mastermind of Zinn Cycles, will meet you at BCSM with several demo bikes to ride, and he will help you figure out the exact type of bike you need.

The Process

  1. Zinn Cycles will schedule a 3D fitting at CU Sports Medicine for you, on your preferred dates.
  2. At your fitting, Lennard Zinn will help you decide the details of the bike.
  3. Lennard will design your bike based on your initial 3D fitting with CUSM.
  4. He will also take into account any special requests that you have for your riding position.
  5. Once the frame is designed, you will receive a CAD drawing of the bike.
  6. Upon approval, the frame will go into production.
  7. We will work directly with you to list out every component on the bike, and make sure everything is the way you want it.
  8. When the bike is ready, we will either deliver it to CUSM for your final fitting appointment, where Lennard Zinn and Dr. Jason Glowney will work together to fit you on your bike.


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