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Zinn full suspension mountain bikes for tall riders

The majority of the bikes we sell are to big riders, and the same is true for full suspension models. Our big suspension bikes, namely the Megabike and Gigabike, are full suspension bikes for 29-inch wheels and custom long cranks for tall riders. The Megabike is a lightweight, three-inch-travel cross-country 29er that is still tough enough for a 6’7” 250-pounder. (Obviously, it is heavier than our XC model in small sizes, due to its larger size, stronger tubes, and longer swingarm for the bigger wheel.) The Gigabike, is a heavier-duty, five-inch-travel 29er for yet bigger riders and/or harder riding. This is the bike for the 6’8” 280-pounder, or for the lighter, tall rider doing faster descending on rough trails.
Zinn Megabike with 29″ wheels and 3″ of travel, size XXL, for a 6’5″ rider
Zinn Gigabike with 29″ wheels and 5″ of travel.

We have our main pivot centered on the bottom bracket. In the areas of performance and longevity, our design makes the most sense for big riders. We have an enormous main pivot, something other designs cannot afford the weight of, because the bolt would be so big and heavy. But you already have to have a bottom bracket on the bike, and we use that as the bolt for the pivot, and consequently, we spread the load better, so you do not get the rapid loosening up of the pivots that happens with heavy riders on most full suspension bikes. Furthermore, because of our pivot location, the chainstay length of our bikes does not change as the swingarm goes up and down, so there is no chain kickback. Big riders are often familiar with breaking chains, and our efforts at making pedaling smoother and with less sudden strain on the chain is always appreciated by our bigger customers. And, on the subject of longevity, we also have a grease fitting under the bottom bracket, so that you can easily keep the pivot lubricated and further extend its life.

We can use the bottom bracket as the pivot location on the Megabike and Gigabike, because we build the bike for our long, custom cranks. In order to achieve a vertical rear wheel path and ideal suspension characteristics with our design, the rear hub and the bottom bracket need to be at approximately the same height. With our smaller bikes for 26-inch wheels, this is no problem, but for our 29ers, this is only possible because we make the bottom bracket higher and equip it with cranks around 200mm. The rider’s center of gravity does not go up with the higher bottom bracket, due to the longer crank. The bottom foot remains the same height above the ground, and hence so does the rider. But the chainrings are higher, making it much harder to hit them on rocks and logs, and the longer crank gives a longer, more stable stance when descending in the moto position (standing and coasting with the cranks horizontal). And, especially when combined with the big wheels,. which roll over rocks so nicely, a tall rider’s long legs combined with proportionately longer cranks (http://www.zinncycles.com/cranks.aspx) makes for smoother pedaling through the rough stuff and faster climbing and rolling.

Our low, 2-to-1 leverage ratio on the rear shock of the Megabike and Gigabike means that the shock will actually work for a heavy rider. A heavy rider on a bike with the 3-to-1 leverage ratio so common on other bikes will need air pressure in the shock near the limits of the shock (and of a shock pump’s ability to get air into it at that pressure), and a coil shock won’t help, either; it will have to have such thick wire in the coil spring that there will be little space between coils, which can lead to coil bind and a broken shock. For instance, a 275-pound rider with our 2-to-1 leverage ratio would have a rear shock air pressure of 222 psi, and coil-spring rate of 889. But the same 275-pound rider with a 3-to-1 leverage ratio would have a rear shock air pressure of 333 psi, and coil-spring rate of 1333! That’s too much!

Our lightweight Zinn Megabike 29er is designed for fast cross country riding and racing. Three inches of travel with a pedal platform takes the edge off bumps and makes this bike light and more efficient for racers and serious, fast riders. On both the Megabike and the Gigabike, our Concentrak™ rear suspension design also keeps the rider from experiencing pedal kick back over bumps. The entire swingarm pivots around the bottom bracket shell, which serves as a huge center bolt of this big main pivot to keep everything in alignment and minimize wear. A simple squirt of grease from a standard grease gun into the Zert grease fitting under the bottom bracket shell keeps the huge pivot lubricated and moving smoothly for a very long time, with a minimum of effort and mess. The Megabike or Gigbike 29ers come equipped with a Fox RP3 ProPedal fully-adjustable rear shock; DT and Manitou shocks are optional.

The Megabike frame gives a smooth, efficient ride and comes in XXL and XXXL and custom sizes for riders up to 6’9” tall. Our formed aluminum monocoque down tubes is adjusted for volume to provide greater stiffness and strength for bigger riders. The Megabike is the oversized, 29-inch wheel XXL and XXXL-sized version of the XC model. This is a fast, strong, light, long-lasting, nimble bike for a tall rider between 6’4” and 6’9” tall.

Need a big bike with even more travel? Our Gigabike all mountain model in XXL and XXXL size comes with five inches of travel with a low, 2-to-1 leverage ratio, so the shock can operate smoothly at lower pressure for riders over 250 pounds. It is made to fit 29” wheels and has a bottom bracket high enough for 210mm Zinn custom cranks (http://www.zinncycles.com/cranks.aspx)!

The tough Zinn Gigabike 29er frame is for those who desire a sturdy long travel bike that can be pedaled for long distances. Our Concentrak™ rear suspension design eliminates pedal kickback and keeps the rear tire on the ground with an ample five inches of travel. The massive monocoque down tube and the precision pivot bearings keep this bike tracking where you want no matter the obstacles. This well-balanced bike is perfect for climbing all day while getting the most out of the descents, and it provides a comfortable ride for those epic excursions in the backcountry.

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