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Quality custom bicycles since 1982

Custom Bikes

Zinn Cycles has been building handmade custom bicycles since 1982. We are committed to making cycling more enjoyable and more accessible for everyone in the world. We express it by building custom bicycles that fit great, perform well, and are thoroughly thought-out for their owners’ needs. We know that it can be tough for many people to find a bike off the shelf that fits well and performs even better. Tall people, short people, and those with unusual proportions can be very challenged in finding a proper fitting bike. That is why we focus our custom bicycles, custom cranks, and components on fitting the widest size range of people imaginable. Then we fine tune each bike to the specific needs of the customer. We also work with cyclists who have medical and joint issues that require certain body positions while riding in order to achieve maximum fit, comfort, and performance. No matter what your custom bicycle needs are, Zinn Cycles will work through every detail to make sure yours is the perfect bike for you.

Project Big and Tall

Zinn Cycles has been building great bikes for tall guys since 1982. At 6’6″, Lennard Zinn knows what it takes to design the best bikes for tall guys. Many framebuilders and bike manufacturers have built  tall bikes, but they don’t realize the key ingredients to a great tall bike. When other builders scale up standard frame geometry to fit a taller rider, the elongated tubes lose their strength and rigidity and thus fatigue much faster. Tall bikes from other designers tend to shimmy at high speeds, which is very scary and can cause serious crashes. Lennard’s unique compact frame design has been tested on the biggest and tallest riders and provides a strong, stiff, and beautifully riding bicycle that will last a lifetime. We love building bikes for tall guys, and we have built amazing custom bicycles for men up to 7’5″. No matter how big or tall you are, we will build you a great bike that fits, performs, and doesn’t shimmy.

Women’s custom bicycles

If Lennard Zinn wasn’t really good at making great fitting, lightweight, and high performing women’s bikes, he may never have won over his wife Sonny. Well, maybe that’s a little extreme, but he did charm her with his bike building skills. That got him into the women’s bicycle market and Zinn Cycles sponsored the Alphalphas female racing team in Boulder, Colorado, which Sonny was a member. He made bikes for all the women on the team and many other women racers of the time. 30 years later, he is still making great women’s bikes that are even lighter, faster, and more comfortable to ride. He has perfected the art of fitting people, especially women, onto their bikes. Not only do we make frames that can fit very small women, we can also make cranks that are short enough for small people. It doesn’t make sense for a 5’1″ woman to be riding the same length cranks as a 5’8″ man, yet that is what the rest of the industry tells you to do. Since our cranks are available in lengths as short as 130mm, you can be certain you will be pedaling with efficiency and without joint pain. We are also able to build road bikes for small women using 650c wheel size. Just ask.

Classic Series Custom Bikes

Zinn Cycles has been building great bikes for almost 30 years. Lennard Zinn is known throughout the world as being one of the greatest frame designers around. People everywhere come to Zinn Cycles, because they are 100% confident that we will make them a bike that truly fits and is enjoyable to ride. The Classic Custom series is our selection of beautiful custom bikes made for riders of all shapes and sizes. We can make high performing racing bikes as well as super comfortable touring bikes. Lennard can help design a comfortable bike for cyclists with back and joint problems, as well as complicated fit issues. We can also accommodate riders with leg length discrepancies and range-of-motion issues. We can work closely with Andy Pruitt at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to make anyone benefit from the joys of cycling.

Bike fitting

Bike fitting included with every Zinn bike frame

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