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29 inch wheels v. 26 inch wheelszinn bicycle specszinn bike materialszinn bicycle fitzinn frame pricesorder a bike onlineZinn Megabike 29er full suspension mountain bike for tallTweet with Zinn Cyclescheck out our photo gallery on flickrfollow zinn cycles: Facebook The Zinn Megabike is the quintessential cross-country full suspension mountain bike for tall riders. Specifically designed for Zinn extra long custom cranks proportional to extra-long legs, its low weight, stiffness and Fox RP23 pedal-platform shock along with extra crank leverage make this Zinn bike a climbing machine. Three inches of plush rear travel combined with the unparalleled lateral stiffness of our huge Concentrak main pivot centered about the bottom bracket make for precise tracking on the most serpentine singletrack. The Megabike comes set up for a 10x135mm rear axle and a tapered head tube for added stiffness and tracking control. A standard quick release skewer can also be used, and we always recommend the 10x135mm axle. The Megabike handles technical terrain almost like an all mountain bike due to it’s stiff frame, smooth suspension, and wide stable platform made possible by the long cranks. When you start climbing, you know you are on a cross country racing bike. The 29-inch wheels are much more proportional for tall riders and roll smooth and fast over rough terrain. The taller wheels combined with our long head tubes allow us to get the handlebars high enough for anyone.
Proper crank length is a major part of good bike fit and an enormous factor in overall efficiency in your riding. The Megabike is designed to accommodate up to 205mm cranks, which make it truly designed for big and tall riders. Most other XXL 29ers are simply scaled up versions of a normal sized frame. Our big and tall bikes are fully designed for tall cyclists who want a bike that fits well, performs, and lasts a lifetime. Once you ride a Megabike with custom cranks, you’ll find yourself climbing faster and feeling more stable and in control on descents. The 29″ wheels and big guy geometry mean you won’t be going over the handlebars on the technical sections that used to own you. Now it’s time for you to own the trail. The Megabike is also a great travel bike for a tall rider since the rear triangle is specially designed to fold, making it fit into a smaller bike case. Without that feature, the Megabike is too big to fit into any stock bike case, making an expensive custom case necessary.

Zinn Cycles and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine team up to offer you the world’s best bike fit. Lennard Zinn has been making great-fitting and performing custom bicycles for over 30 years (since 1981). Dr. Andy Pruitt is renowned as the world’s best bike fitter, and has been fitting professional athletes on their bikes for years. Together they form a partnership unequaled in the bicycle business to provide you with the very best fit and comfort available on a bicycle – and on a Zinn bicycle that performs like no other. You will never regret having allowed Andy Pruitt and his team at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to work their magic with you and your Zinn bike, and it only adds $700 to the price of the bike. You’ll discover the comfort and efficiency that until now only was only available to top professional cyclists. Click here for more information on the Ultimate Bicycle Fit with Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and Lennard Zinn.

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