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Our Road Bikes

A custom Zinn road bike has been an item of desire for many of the most distinguished cyclists for over 25 years. That’s because serious cyclists can see the quality of craftsmanship and design that goes into every road bike we have ever made. Lennard Zinn has been making great bikes for the hard-to-fit rider for many years now, and to this day, all of our customers have one thing in common; they love their Zinn bike. All of our bikes are designed around custom cranks so that the bike not only fits well, it rides perfectly too. We make sure that every part of the bike is chosen specifically with the customer in mind. That goes for the frame, cranks, wheels, and the components too. We make custom road bikes in Titanium, Magnesium, and Steel. You can choose from our Project Big series, Women’s series, Standard Custom, Travel bikes with S&S couplers, Touring bikes, TT/Triathlon bikes, Track bikes, Hybrids, and whatever else you can think of.

Zinn Custom Magnesium Road Frames

When you buy a Zinn bicycle, you expect that legendary Zinn performance combining stability and nimbleness with a perfect custom fit. What will surprise you about our magnesium bikes is their incredibly smooth, forgiving, comfortable ride, even on rough asphalt or dirt roads. Yet the torsional and lateral stiffness and low weight of our oversized and elegantly-shaped tubes means that the bike leaps forward with your every pedal stroke.

Magnesium is 2/3 the weight per unit volume of aluminum, less than half that of titanium and under a quarter that of steel. The AZ61 (Mg-6Al-1Zn) magnesium alloy we use combines low density with high strength and superb vibration-damping characteristics. That means, when mated with the Z-Pro full-carbon fork Lennard Zinn co-developed with Alpha Q, you get a comfortable, responsive, and long-lasting machine. It’s beauty and perfect fit to your body round it out to make the perfect bike.

Zinn Custom Titanium Road Frames

Titanium needs no introduction. As a bike frame material, it is legendary in its durability, liveliness, and ability to smooth the jolts of riding on rough pavement. A titanium bike is impervious to corrosion – elegant in its stark, unpainted simplicity. And Lennard Zinn has over 15 years experience designing custom titanium bikes, so the tube selection, angles and lengths of yours will give you the perfect ride and fit. The challenges of machining, cutting, bending, welding and aligning titanium are also legendary. Fortunately, our own Nalby Varoqua is acknowledged as the standard against which other titanium welders are compared. He builds each Zinn titanium frame from start to finish, in a clean environment free of distractions. One glance at the welds and precise alignment of a Zinn titanium bicycle is all that is necessary to see how it pays off in unsurpassed quality. If you want the ride of a lifetime that will last a lifetime, let Lennard design your titanium bike and Nalby weld it into glorious reality.

Projects Big Women’s Classic Custom series
Dolomite – Ti

Fassa – Mg

Stelvio – St



Zia Aero

Travel Road bikes

Lusiana – Mg

Gavia – Ti

Gavia World – travel

Caterina – Mg CX

Bermina – Ti

Merano – St

Mortirolo – Mg

Travel Bikes

Zia Aero

Custom Travel Bike series


Twin Zinn Mg

Twin Zinn St

Twin Zinn Ti

Twin Zinn World

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