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ZIS-2 integrated spindle road bike cranks

Based on our original Zinn-tegrated cranks, the ZIS-2 takes performance and longevity to another level. With our latest advancements, the ZIS-2 is now even stiffer than the previous model, providing the ultimate in power transfer for tall cyclists. Tall riders using long cranks can apply an enormous amount of stress to a crank, particularly when using extra-long pedal spindles that professional bike fitters recommend for many big riders. The ZIS-2 cranks are designed to not only withstand that but also to harness that power you apply to the pedals and send you to the front of the pack. The new, thicker, grain-aligned structure with shot-peened and matte-black anodized surface finish creates a crankset that is extremely stiff and durable. ZIS-2 custom road bike cranks are built with a 24mm-diameter integrated hollow steel spindle and external bearings for great stiffness as well as ease of service. Lighter and stronger than our square taper model and stiffer and stronger than the original Zinn-tegrated model, the ZIS-2  cranks are the most high performance bicycle crankset for the big and tall rider available. ZIS-2 crankarms are 100% handmade in the USA with American materials. We use the best 7075 T6 aluminum alloy for utmost strength and long life. The CNC-machined and matte-black anodized surface finish is unique and beautiful and shows the high quality craftsmanship that is put into every single crankset. Currently available with 110mm BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) compact-double spider arms or 130mm BCD double spiders. We are running out of ZIS-2 compact cranks, but we have ZIS-3 available in 110bcd.

New Features

  • new crank arm design provides superior stiffness and strength
  • shot peened surface for increased crank life
  • matte-black anodization for improved corrosion resistance and durability


ZIS road bike cranks are compatible with a number of different drivetrain options. The cranks use a SRAM GXP external bearing bottom bracket and can mount to any bike with a standard 68mm BB shell with English or Italian threads. The five-arm spider has either a 130mm Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) or a 110mm BCD pattern for chainring compatibility. Zinn cranks are not compatible with Campagnolo chainrings, but they fit any standard 130mm BCD or 110mm BCD chainring. If your bike has BB30 or some other type of unthreaded bottom bracket, chances are that there is an adaptor that converts it to a SRAM GXP style. ZIS road cranks can be set up with 2×10, 2×11, or 2×9 chainrings. SRAM or FSA chainrings work best. Zinntegrated Road cranks work with singlespeed, belt drive, and internally geared hub systems. You can click the links in the left column of this page for detailed information and installation instructions. Click here to order Zinn custom cranks online. We try to keep popular sizes in stock, but sometimes we run out and there may be a lead time. We will let you know when we receive your order if there is a delay.

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