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The Ultimate Bike Fit

3D Bike fit with Dr. Andy Pruitt

You can upgrade to a full 3d fitting at the Boulder RETUL Center with Dr. Andy Pruitt. Lennard Zinn, like many bike fitters, is very good at optimizing a rider’s position in the x-y plane (i.e., from the side, including saddle height and fore-aft, crank length, and handlebar reach and drop). However, dialing in the rider’s third dimension, the z-plane, is the area that Andy Pruitt pioneered and continues to be the world leader in. The tracking of the knee, stance width, and the supination/ pronation of the foot on the pedal are critical to power output and injury prevention, and nobody does this better.

What is a RETUL Fit?

Dr. Andy Pruitt and the Boulder RETUL Center

Retül Fit is more than just a bike fit—it’s a way to learn about your body, the root cause of your aches and pains, and how a proper fit will help you achieve your cycling goals. Using 3D motion capture technology, Dr. Andy Pruitt utilizes the Retül system to accurately measures every degree of movement and millimeter of distance, providing you and Lennard with data to support the choices made during the fit for your optimal bike design and enhanced personal riding experience.

Dr. Andy Pruitt

Getting to know a legend

Dr. Andrew L. Pruitt, EdD, is an internationally-known athletic trainer, physician assistant, and educator. Pruitt is director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on bike fit and cycling injuries. Pruitt headed the U.S. Cycling Federation’s sports medicine program for many years, including through four World Championships. He was the Chief Medical Officer for U.S. Cycling at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. He also helped design medical coverage for the Atlanta cycling venues on a model he developed as Medical Director of the Tour Dupont. Pruitt is the recognized leader in computerized cycling gait analysis, a technique that uses three-dimensional computer technology to determine perfect bike fit for any rider, a service available at the BCSM.

How it works

Dr. Andy Pruitt and Lennard Zinn team up to provide Zinn Cycles customers with the Ultimate Bike Fit. 

Lennard Zinn and Dr. Andy Pruitt have teamed up to offer Zinn Cycles’s customers with the ultimate bike fit for their custom bike design. Every Zinn bike comes with a standard bike fitting, or you can upgrade to a full 3D Bike fit with Lennard and Dr. Pruitt at the Boulder RETUL Center, in Boulder Colorado. Once we schedule your appointment, you will first come to Zinn Cycles for a preliminary fit with Lennard. You and Lennard will discuss all of your fit concerns and Lennard will conduct a full standard bike fit with you. He will design a bike in BikeCAD based on the preliminary fit, then send the design specs over to Dr. Pruitt, who will have the fit bike set up to the specific dimensions of the CAD drawing. Once you and Lennard arrive at your appointment at the RETUL center, Dr. Pruitt will do the full evaluation and RETUL fit and then he and Lennard will consult on any design changes. Once you, Dr. Pruitt, and Lennard are all happy on the design, your dream bike will go into production. It will be built and assembled exactly to the specifications of your fit.

Pricing options for the Ultimate Bike Fit

Silver Medal Fit – $500

The Silver medal fit includes one 3d fitting at the Boulder RETUL Center. You can choose to do your fit before we build the bike, or after the bike is ready. If you choose to do the fit before, we will build the bike and assemble it exactly to spec. If you choose to do the fit after, Lennard will design your bike based on the measurements submitted by you, and then we will fine tune the fit once Dr. Pruitt and Lennard complete your full RETUL fit. Both are perfectly great options and will provide you with the Ultimate Bike Fit.

Gold Medal Fit – $800

The Gold Medal fit includes two full 3D fittings at the Boulder RETUL Center with Dr. Pruitt. The first fit will be before we build your bike, and your bike will be built and assembled to the specifications of Lennard’s and Dr. Pruitt’s design requirements. The 2nd fit will be scheduled once your bike is completed, and will be used to fine tune the fit on your actual bike.


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