Hi Lennard,

My custom Magnesium Zinn was flawless on the TransAm Bike Race doing everything I asked of it.  I have very fond memories bombing down mountains at 40+ in the middle of the night and the Zinn plowing straight as an arrow, unflappable.  You met my stability spec. 100%!!!   I did change the Enve fork for a Woundup (your original recommendation, and it was more comfortable and would mount a big tire).  I really can’t think of any improvements.

I raced very conservatively and did ok for my age and very conservative, safety objectives.  I think I was 30th out of 70.  I avoided riding in bad weather or lousy roads at night (safety) and basically only rode 12 hours per day.  I injured my shoulder later in the ride (mirror hit it) and lost use of my left hand basically but finished.

I’ve followed your heart related challenges.  It is nice to hear you are able to still enjoy riding.  I am still in a denial stage myself and just need to accept getting old(er).  I am going to pick up your book