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Single-speed and Rohloff options for Zinn mountain and road frames
Lennard Zinn designs bikes that are practical and versatile. For those who want suspension, yet still want a single-speed or a Rohloff internal-gear hub, we can do that. Same goes if you want a road bike that you can run as a fixed gear bike during the winter to fine-tune your pedaling mechanics.

Designed for a tight chain
All Zinn hardtail mountain-bike frames and road frames can be ordered with sliding dropouts for single-speed or Rohloff rear hubs, and all Zinn full-suspension frames can be, too, due to our unique Concentrak rear suspension system. Our unique, adjustable-position rear dropouts allowing tightening of the chain while keeping the disc brake mount in the correct position relative to the rotor.

Retrofitting Zinn frames later for a fixed chain
All Zinn magnesium frames, both road and hardtail mountain-bike, can work with single-speed or Rohloff rear hubs after a simple, bolt-on dropout substitution. And with a replacement of the chainstays incorporating our sliding dropouts, all Zinn full-suspension frames also can be set up for single-speed or Rohloff rear hubs.

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