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The benefits of having a Zinn bike really shine in our cyclocross bikes. The cross bikes we offer are the Zinn Magster, which is our lightweight magnesium model, the Hermosa, our steel model, and the Sequoia, our titanium model. Our cyclocross frames are designed to meet the needs of the rider. We can build ‘cross bikes for very small riders and also very tall riders. We can design the frame to meet your ideal crank length as well. This is a great advantage for short and tall people. We can outfit your ‘cross bike with any length crank from 130mm to 220mm. No other company in the world can offer that much flexibility in fit. In order to be competitive in cyclocross, it’s necessary to have more than one bike. That is why we are offering the 2nd cross frame with the same geometry as the first at half price. So that’s two frames for the price of one and a half. Our steel and titanium cyclocross bikes can be outfitted with S&S couplers for easy travel. We are also very flexible on how we set up your bike. We can do cantilever or disc brakes, carbon or steel forks, rack and fender mounts, and really anything you need to make this the perfect bike.

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