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  • Lightweight
  • Fast….you heard me!
  • Superior ride quality
  • Custom crank ready
  • easy to carry
  • 2nd Frame is half price

Titanium is a great material for a Gravel/Cross bike due to it’s comfortable ride quality. The Dolomite CX is a high quality and high performance ‘cross or Gravel bike designed specifically for the big and tall rider. We use super strong tubing and Lennard’s compact frame design to keep the frame light, stiff, and durable. The custom cranks make the fit and performance unmatched by any other bike out there.

Titanium needs no introduction. As a bike frame material, it is legendary in its durability, liveliness, and ability to smooth the jolts of riding on rough pavement. A titanium bike is impervious to corrosion – elegant in its stark, unpainted simplicity. Lennard Zinn has over 15 years of experience designing custom titanium bikes, so you can be certain that yours will fit perfectly and last a lifetime.
Lennard Zinn has been designing and building bicycle frames for 30 years, has a long history of racing cyclocross (as well as road and mountain bikes) and writes books about how to maintain road, cyclocross, mountain, and triathlon bikes. He puts all of that expertise to use in designing your frame to give you the ultimate performance. Click here to check out Lennard’s books

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