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The age of the Fat Bike continues with the Zinn Cycles Fat Cat. This bike is fat, takes the fattest tires, and the biggest riders imaginable. If you are tall, we can build you a fat bike. If you are small, we can build you a fat bike. Made with the same high quality construction as our famous titanium mountain bikes, the Fat Cat will handle any terrain that you can dish out. From snow to sand to backcountry, our fat bikes can do it. We can also add S&S Couplings to any Fat Bike frame to make traveling easy. We can build the rear end to fit a 170mm rear axle and 4” tires or a 190mm axle and 5” tires.
A custom titanium mountain bike needs no introduction. As a bicycle frame material, it is legendary in its durability, liveliness, and ability to smooth the jolts of riding on rough pavement. A titanium bike is impervious to corrosion – elegant in its stark, unpainted simplicity. Lennard Zinn has over 35 years of experience designing custom bicycles, so you can be certain that yours will fit perfectly and last a lifetime. We are confident that a Zinn titanium bike is unsurpassed in fit, quality, and durability; and we stand by our products by providing a lifetime warranty on all titanium bicycle frames.
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