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Welcome to Lennard’s fit calculator. We all know the importance of riding a bike that fits. Having a bike that is comfortable motivates us to get out and ride. We go for longer rides and get a more efficient workout when the bike fits properly. Cycling is also much more fun when you are not in pain or discomfort. Lennard Zinn is well known throughout the world for designing bikes that truly fit. While a custom Zinn bike is not in everyone’s future, Lennard’s bicycle fitting methods can help you find a bike that works well for you. Please enjoy this complimentary bicycle fit calculator. We have different calculators for road bikers and mountain bikers. Click on the appropriate image to get to right one. Enter your measurements to see your ideal bicycle frame geometry.

Personal fitting with Lennard Zinn: If you would like to make an appointment with Lennard for a personal bike fitting, please fill out this form, and we’ll schedule it. A fitting with Lennard is $200. We will refund that fee if you purchase a Zinn bike from us.

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Lennard Zinn’s book collection
All of Lennard Zinn’s books are very informative, in depth maintenance guides for all types of bikes. Frame fit and geometry is also explained in depth. Below are links to more information about Lennard’s books. Get the whole collection for your library.

zinn and the art of road bike maintenance 3rd edition

zinn and the art of mountain bike maintenance 5th

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