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The classic Zinn bike, the Stelvio provides the fit, performance, and durability for extra large riders. For over a century, steel bikes have offered millions of riders an enjoyable, durable ride. The strength and stiffness of the material still is legendary. We have been building Zinn custom steel frames for over 27 years, and we understand the material, we love the material, and we make sweet custom road bikes out of it. The fact that many of our steel custom bikes are still on the road after 27 years shows the quality of material, design, and craftsmanship in our road bikes.

Steel is stronger and denser than titanium, aluminum, or magnesium, and the True Temper OX Platinum tubing we use has an incredibly high ultimate tensile strength of 217,000psi, giving it unprecedented fatigue life under high loads. The Zinn Stelvio also offers a rider of any size great performance and versatility at a great price.

While steel frames tend to be heavier than titanium or magnesium ones, our TIG welding method with a single strengthening gusset under the down tube offers great strength and longevity while still maintaining a reasonably light weight big and tall bike. A Zinn steel frame will provide a lifetime of great, responsive riding on your custom bicycle.
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